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Employee Transport

Employee Transportation services at We Are Mobility™ are designed with your team’s well-being and productivity in mind. We prioritize reliability and efficiency to ensure seamless commuting experiences tailored to your company’s needs.

With our dedicated team and well-maintained fleet, we guarantee safe and punctual transportation for daily commutes, office events, and special occasions. Elevate your company’s transportation standards and boost employee satisfaction with our hassle-free and enjoyable commuting solutions.

Count on us as your trusted partner for providing a smooth journey for your valued workforce. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the driving while your employees arrive at work ready to excel.

At We Are Mobility™, we take pride in offering unmatched employee transport solutions that exceed mere commuting. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our services.

Our Approach Focused on efficiency, safety, and convenience, we’ve reimagined employee transport services to enhance your workforce’s daily routine.

Through our web and app platforms, We Are Mobility™ offers a comprehensive Roster facility. This includes options for SOC/Admin rostering and Adhoc requests, with the flexibility to update or change rosters up to 30 minutes prior to the cut-off time. Safety remains our top priority, demonstrated through features such as one-click routing based on constraints, vendor assignment, route reviews, and real-time ETA generation powered by AI. Additionally, our vehicles are equipped with tracking devices incorporating panic buttons and female-aware routing support for enhanced employee safety, particularly during late hours.

As technology continues to advance and the business sector grows, the number of employees in this field is rapidly increasing. To ensure the safe and timely commute of their workforce, many companies provide dedicated transportation services. However, organizing employee transportation from home to the office and back is a complex task that requires meticulous planning and a blend of technical and manual support. Companies face multiple challenges, including efficient route planning for scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs, tracking employee attendance, and keeping employees informed about the real-time location of their cabs.

To address these challenges,  We Are Mobility™ offers a cutting-edge Employee Transport Management Solution. This state-of-the-art system ensures that employees receive timely and reliable transportation, minimizing travel time and adhering to their work shift schedules. Key features such as Auto Dispatch and Auto Routing enable optimal resource utilization, thereby reducing costs and enhancing profitability. The solution’s user-friendly applications keep employees updated on their cab’s location and assist in logging attendance effortlessly. By streamlining the entire transportation process,  We Are Mobility™ transforms the employee commute experience into an efficient and cost-effective operation for businesses.

For Corporate Booking

Comprehensive Transport Solutions for Every Need!

At We Are Mobility™, we take pride in offering an extensive range of transport services that cater to your diverse requirements. Whether it’s daily operations or special occasions, we have you covered.

  • Shift Transport
  • Late Night Transport
  • Inter-Office Shuttle
  • Ad-hoc Transport
  • Team Outing